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set free from anger and loneliness

March 15, 2017

A woman told me that she felt lonely all the time. She was happily married and spent all day with her disabled husband, but she still felt lonely because she had no friends or church. She said that she had felt this way all her life since age 5 when her parents divorced. She had a sister three years younger than her but they were never close. She remembered at age 5 that her mother called her paternal grandparents and told them to come get the kids, then she left them and did not see them again for eight years. When she was 13 years old her mother returned and kidnapped the two children from their father and raised them the next five years.

As she talked about her mother it was obvious that she had some anger toward her mother for abandoning them, for kidnapping them 8years later, and for never explaining why she did these things. Her mother was also verbally abusive to her at times and physically abused her several times. I asked her if she would like to get rid of this anger toward her mother and she said she would, so I led her in a prayer and she gave her anger to the Lord. Then I asked the Lord what He wanted this woman to know and she said, “It’s okay. He was always there with me through it all. I don’t have to be alone; He is always with me.” Her feelings of anger and loneliness were suddenly and completely gone.

This woman told me that she later became close to her mother who died two years ago and she missed her. She told me how she missed her mother calling her every day and talking with her, she missed her faith and talking with her about the Lord, and teaching this woman how to bake and cook. She also missed spending Christmas with her and helping her decorate, going to parks with her, and she missed her cheerful personality, and just being able to see her and spend time with her. She identified 12 things she missed about her mother then she prayed and asked the Lord to take all her sadness and grief from her. I asked the Lord if there was anything that He wanted her to know and she said, “She is with Him, she loves me, and she is watching me.” She also said, “She’s not suffering anymore; she’s happy.”I asked her how she felt after receiving these insights. She said she felt no more sadness but just felt calm and peaceful. Her feelings of sadness, grief, anger, and loneliness were all gone and she was at peace. She left smiling and feeling God’s peace.

Anger, sadness, and grief are all fact-based emotions that can be resolved by making a list of the reasons for those feelings and giving them to God. Loneliness is a belief-based emotion that is based upon our beliefs and can be eliminated by identifying the original source of the beliefs, identifying the false beliefs, and praying for truth.

Whatever the negative emotion is the Lord can set you free from them as you learn how to be honest with the Lord and give them to Him, or as you pray for truth. It is normal to feel anger, sadness, and grief at times but the Lord does not want us to be stuck in those feelings. He wants to carry our emotional burdens for us and replace them with His peace.